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Services we provide in the area of ​​CIVIL LAW:

Our lawyers provide specialized advice in all matters of private law, which is one of the most important branches of the Spanish legal system. This area of law comprises what makes up for most of the daily life activities and relationships of people, through acts, contracts and businesses.

At AOB we never tire of reminding our clients about the preventive role of the lawyer, because prior to the signing of any contract, your attorney will best be able to tell you the pros and cons of it and give you appropriate counsel on how to proceed and the possible consequences and or effects of the contractual obligations.

Prevention, of course, is the best tool for adverting future damage. Now, if necessary, and in case of trouble, our lawyers will defend your interests in court in all types of litigation and civil procedure (standard procedure, verbal judgment and processes for payment).

Covered subjects

  • Drafting of all kinds of contracts (security/pledge, sale/purchase, loan...).
  • Claim for Compensation for all Damages (car accidents, falls).
  • Protection and defense of property and possessions.
  • Establishment of Foundations, Associations and Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Court Record Declaration of Absence or Death.
  • Change of Name, Nationality, Address, Correction of Errors.
  • Consumer Law: Rights of Consumers.
  • Debt Claims.
  • Mortgage Law.