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Services we provide in the area of ​​INHERITANCE LAW:

At AOB you will receive advice from the onset, on all matters of how to draft a legitimate will and what different options are available for you. Draw up a testament that best suits your needs and is in compliance with the legal requirements.

Our team of lawyers will defend your interests in all types of legal proceedings relating to inheritance. In case you have to provide an Acceptance of Inheritance, we will handle all the processing, not to mention the relevant tax assessments.

Covered subjects

  • Acceptance / Repudiation of Inheritance.
  • Statements of Unworthiness for Succession (disinherited).
  • Processing and Probate Advice.
  • Legitimate Claims.
  • Intestate (passing without having a will).
  • Allocation, Partition and division of State and Inheritance.

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Last blog articles of Inheritance