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AOB participates in the seminars about the responsibility of the administrators and directors of Small and Medium Companies

Daniel Orgué, who is in charge of our Commercial department in our office, participated last 26th of September of 2018 as a rapporteur in the Seminar: “Responsibility of Administrators and Directors of Small and Medium Companies unquoted: How to avoid risks?” that was organized by ETL GLOBAL, in its Headquarters in Barcelona.

In said Seminar, other speakers with recognized prestige also intervened, such as Jose Manuel Calavia Molinero, lecturer of Commercial Law in the University of Barcelona, Borja González Anta, tax assessor, and Miguel Albasanz, assessor of the Labour department in the Legal office of EJASO ETL GLOBAL.

Under the heading “Money laundering, Data Protection and Criminal Compliance”, Daniel Orgué, analysed the value of the protocols and the codes of conduct in said areas, but also the necessity to implement in those areas and give the correct formation to the workers in order to avoid social responsibilities.

 If you need counselling or you want to implement the policies of Money Laundering Prevention, Data Protection or Legal Compliance, contact with our Legal office in Spain and we will inform you without any obligation.


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